As you can tell DJ Jer is very motivated and understands the importance of education. Workshops are not presentations. Workshops are completely hands on learning and not lectures. Learning from books, DVDs, and videos are great, but for the ultimate learning experience, it all take place in the class room or hands on. Many of DJ Jer’s mentors and colleges provide workshop based education and they can be found in Other Education.

DJ Jer will be launching a schedule for the upcoming Shop Time Tour. The education and learning experience can be brought to a city near you.

Shop Time Workshops

These workshops will start with the basics of lighting, color temps, beam angles, filters, and fixtures. You will also learn the importance and of placement, distance, presentation, dramatic effects, and making the most out of your lighting. The advanced session you will discover the power of DMX and Show Xpress as well as creating ambiance and atmosphere about and beyond. So how do you sell this to your clients or build a business out of it? You will learn all of that as well.


Can’t make a workshop?

Shop Time Live will be hosting 1 hour LIVE video workshops where you can ask questions and have them answered on the spot. These short sessions are a great way to keep up on the newest trends in the lighting industry.

One-On-One Training ?

Want to do a one-on-one where we can work specifically with you and your crew? DJ Jer can travel to your office or business and have a private session if you would like to know how you can take your lighting design to the next level in your company. If you would like training on DMX or design you can write your own curriculum and DJ Jer will teach it for you. You can also travel to DJ Jer’s office where he can help you with questions one-on-one with DMX or design. Contact DJ Jer for your options and to setup your training session.

Request a Workshop!

If you would like to host a public or private Shop Time workshop in your area please contact DJ Jer. Public workshops are obviously open to the public and provide learning at a very fast pace. From cover to cover DJ Jer will move through the workshop at an aggressive yet non-intimidating pace. Private workshops allow you to progress at your own pace and have one-on-one interaction with DJ Jer. Helping you understand your personal equipment and getting to know it’s potential will allow you to excel in your business and market!


Jeremy Brech “DJ Jer” has the right for refusal to any company, individual, or party. There are no obligation to any request submitted by an individual.