Other Education

I have been fortunate as an entertainer to understand the importance of continuing education. There are so many great educational opportunities in the DJ and lighting industry and so many mentors that have been allowing our industry to excel. The best way to learn is to find mentors and industry leaders and I promise you take your business to the next level. Please see the mentors and their education materials that have allowed our company to become of of the best. To become a Wedding Entertainment Director® it took guidance and learning from the best in the business. It wasn’t an easy process, but with these tools and workshops you can take your business to the next level.

Mitch_Taylor_WEDMitch Taylor provides Sales A to Z and so much more. Tips on understanding and creating an effective sale consultation. Mitch is also bring his “Sales is Solutions” workshop to some of the biggest shows in the industry. Mitch is an innovator and creative genius and also created “Be the Expert”.

Bill_Hermann_WEDJason JonesBill Hermann and Jason Jones teach The Entertainment Experience. This performance based workshop teaches you the power to create unbelievable moments and unforgettable events. This is the workshop that started it all for me! One of the most impactful workshops for any level entertainer.

Mark FerrellMark and Rebecca Ferrell and the Marbecca Method. A performance based workshop to hone in on your skills to become a better Master of Ceremonies through the MC training. The Love Story workshop teaches you about story telling and creating a unique “Love Story.” He is the God Father of DJs and is mostly known for his “Getting What Your Worth” movement.

Peter_Merry_WEDPeter Merry gives you The Professional Process which teaches you how to use steps to create a great business structure that every business should have. From marketing to performance this workshop is a must for all business owners.

Peter_Merry_WEDElisabeth_Scott_Daley_WEDPeter Merry and Liz Daily bring Make it Grand which teaches you about mic skills and how to create a grand entrance that guests are actually going to care about. This a very fun workshop for creative entertainers.

Randy_Bartlett_WEDRandy Bartlett created the 1% Solution DVD series and is one of the best video series out there. This series will teach you little things that can make huge differences. From setup to performance the industry leader gives you the keys to success.

Micheal WalterMicheal Walter created the Book and DVD series “Training Your Next Great DJ” and “Running Your Multi-Op”. This is must have education if you are running or thinking about running a multi-op business.

Jim_Cerone_WEDJim Cerone is truly the “Perfect Host”. His book and DVD set is inspirational content for individuals that want to understand the detail of a Master of Ceremonies. Jim is naturally one of the best MC’s in the business.

dave ramseyDave Ramsey established Financial Peace University which is great for reducing debt and building your financial future.

John YoungJohn Young is the creator and chief editor of the Disc Jockey News. Jeremy Brech and so many industry leaders provided education and insight for DJ’s and businesses. This monthly publication is a must for the DJ industry.

Geoff ShortGeoff Short with Chauvet DJ has recorded a DJ video series Chauvet DJ Academy where DJ’s start their journey in understanding our industry. Take a test after each video and then graduate after completion of your process.