Chauvet ShowXpress Beginners Tutorials

We will be posting the step by step on how to use Chauvet ShowXpress. We will start with beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert. You are welcome to submit questions and we will do a video on the issues you might be having because if you are having the problem, someone else is probably as well. There are no dumb questions so don’t be shy. We understand everyone is at their own level with this amazing DJ software so if you are stuck, back track into an easier level video where you may just find your answer. The page will grow as we keep posting videos and tutorials. So lets get started:

Downloading Chauvet ShowXpress: Video 1.

Link to Download Chauvet ShowXpress


Understanding Control Panel Screen for ShowXpress: Video 2


Import a Light Show for Chauvet ShowXpress: Video 3


Export a Light Show for Chauvet ShowXpress: Video 4


Using the “Setup” screen in Chauvet ShowXpress: Video 5


Understanding DMX Channels in ShowXpress: Video 6


Understanding “Editor” in ShowXpress: Video 7


Creating Groups in ShowXpress: Video 8


Using Steps in ShowXpress: Video 9


Finding the DMX Address for your fixtures in ShowXpress: Video 10