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Recommended Gobos for Moving Heads

When you are using a moving head fixture for your setup there are a couple things to think about. First, what is the effect it is going to make from the actual image projection. So if the image is a logo you see the logo. The second thing to keep in mind is the beam of the light. You will notice that the gobo that looks like a circle might actually be called “Cone” and that is because the beam in which that gobo creates is a cone shape. The further away from the the fixture the large the angle of the beam. There are a couple gobos that I feel are a must have in your moving head to give you some of the best effects and create some of the best ambiance. Enjoy the video!

Chauvet DJ Nimbus Tips

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus is one of the best effects for any DJ to have as a part of their inventory. There are some essentials that get overlooked to use the Nimbus successfully. Dry Ice can be a very touch material to use and if not use correctly can be very dangerous. Dry ice is -109.3°F or -78.5°C which when touching skin can burn you.

One of the biggest tips we can give you is when working with your ice distributor, make sure you get pellets if possible. Not saying block dry ice won’t work but you will have to breakup the block into small chucks to be able to use it successfully. You want to make sure you get as much surface area as you can. By getting pellets it will save you a huge headache.

Cheap cases for DJ Gear

There are a lot of great case companies out there to protect your DJ gear. Odyssey makes great road cases along with Marathon and also the Chauvet VIP Gear bags. Some of the things we like to do is bring in our lighting and cords in cases that are uniform and look nice. It gives a professional look when you bring in gear using cases instead of card board boxes. Watch the video and see how to use a very affordable case for your DJ gear. The other nice thing about these truck boxes are they stack nice.

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